5 more reasons to love the Ipswich suffragettes

  Let’s look at some other aspects of the suffragettes, and why they are so admirable. **Despite their serious purpose, they had a lot of fun. Working together to achieve important and fundamental change is serious, hard work, and can be frightening. But it can also be a lot of fun. Imagine the Pageant of Great […]

Lots of reasons to love the Ipswich suffragettes

The suffragettes were of course individual women who each made their own contribution to the campaign for the vote. However, there are admirable features of them as a group. Here are the first 5 of 10 reasons why I love the suffragettes.  1. The Ipswich suffragettes were ordinary women, who got out there and campaigned to right […]

Hortense Lane – Ipswich suffragette with a sad story

Hortense Lane was one of the first active suffragettes in Ipswich. As early as 1909, she appeared in court for refusing to pay her ‘Inhabited House Duty’ as a protest at not having the vote. This was before the No Vote, No Tax campaign really took off across the country. At this time, suffrage activity […]

Hilda Burkett – suffragette force-fed to the end

Suffragette Hilda Burkett with her colleague Florence Tunks burnt down the Bath Hotel in Felixstowe as part of the Votes for Women campaign. She was sentenced in May 1914 to two years imprisonment, and was transferred from Ipswich prison, where she had been force-fed throughout the remand period, to Holloway. There are several accounts by […]

Why I Wrote Far From Home?

Interests I developed over many years came together in the writing of this book – history, fiction-writing and women’s stories. When travelling through France one summer with my son, we stopped overnight in Rouen, and as tourists do, went to the Old Market Place where Joan of Arc (Jehanne) was burnt at the stake, age […]