About Joy


I’ve been retired for a while now after a long and happy career in social work and social care management. I live in Felixstowe on the Suffolk Coast and have come to love the sea.  I also love to sing, to try to understand political and feminist issues, cook, and develop mindfulness. A lot of reading and writing goes on too, of course, and I belong to some great book and writing groups.

I have a son, Leif, who is an academic historian, and a living library when it comes to historical fact and context. It’s great fun to spend time with him and his partner, Alice. 

I’ve been a champion of women’s equality issues for a long time, and over recent years have become more interested in history’s forgotten women – those whose lives and achievements have been ignored, dismissed or lain undiscovered. I’ve worked with others to raise the profile and celebrate remarkable local women both past and present. Most of my books reflect this interest.

Books by Joy


Shining Threads

An inspiring story of hope and determination

A Song of Their Own

A Song of Their Own

The Fight for Votes for Women in Ipswich

Far From Home

Far From Home

Joan of Arc, as told by her

5:2 Vegetarian

5:2 Diet for Vegetarians

This is the original 5:2 for vegetarians book

5:2 Vegetarian Inspirations

5:2 Inspirations

Inspired by dishes from around the world