Joy Bounds – Suffolk Writer

I write both historical fiction and non-fiction about women, many of whose stories have not been fully told before.

I give talks about my books, about local remarkable women of the past and about suffragette activities.


Shining Threads

An inspiring story of hope and determination

A new historical novel that brings the composer and suffragette Ethel Smyth to life.

It is the late 19th century and Queen Victoria is on the throne. Upper-class girls are expected to get married and be content with entertaining, embroidery and elementary music-making. But from an early age, Ethel has other ideas.

More books by Joy Bounds

A Song of Their Own

The Fight for Votes for Women in Ipswich

Ipswich women helped change the course of political life in this country! This local history book tells the story of what women in and around Ipswich did to achieve the vote for women.

Far From Home

Joan of Arc, as told by her mother

Joan of Arc is one of history’s most puzzling figures. How in the fifteenth century could a peasant girl become the head of the French army, and have such success against the English occupiers?

5-2 Diet for Vegetarians

Recipe book for vegetarians

8 days of meal plans and recipes for the low calorie days in the 5:2 diet. Each day’s three meals are fully calorie-counted.

Inspirations from around the world

Vegetarian Inspirations

This second cookbook, follows the successful format of the first in the series – 8 days of fully calorie-counted meal plans and recipes – but this time inspired by all the delicious foods of other countries.